What else do we do!

Zehus Engine retrofit
We're the official Zehus representative in Switzerland. We're assembling this hybrid engine into our own GOrilla models but also into any other bicycle. Retrofitting a Zehus engine into an older bicycle is technically feasible in most cases and it's a process which we're executing more and more often. Please get in contact with us in order to check if the Zehus engine is compatible with your current bicycle.

Frame Production
We're creating and producing with our partners in Italy and Switzerland your custom made titan or steel frame for you. Come to us with your ideas and wishes and we define the specifications of your dream frame together.

Finishing - Refinement
Every frame needs some kind of finishing in order to have a color appearance and protection against environmental stress. We're offering clear coating - watertransfer or metal finishing. And we can do all ways with either a brand new naked frame or with an older already coated frame which you would like to change - in the end, taste can change over the years.

Service - Alteration - Upcycling
We're taking your old bicycle and making it ready for usage again. No matter which bike style, which brand or which condition, we're checking with you personally what can or shall be done. From a simple service to a proper alteration which can result in a total new appearance, we're happy to discuss all possibilities.

In collaboration with the Swiss bicycle brand Coronado, we're assembling their bicycles in our workshops from scratch. Thanks to our experience and provided quality in the past, we're building one custom made city bike order by order in real time. Coronado itself is a classic Swiss bicycle brand from the past which has seen its revival in 2021. Get in contact with us if you're interested in a similar collaboration.