GOrilla - Locals

GOrilla partners with Experify to connect you with nearby GOrilla owners. This way you get an honest opinion and can test GOrillas in real-life.

Click on the button to find a GOrilla nearby - it is shown on all bicycle pages at the bottom right.



Who are 'GOrilla LOCALs'?
LOCALs are GOrilla customers, who want to show their GOrilla bicycle and share their experience with people interested in learning more. They are not a salespersons, and do not have to be positive if they feel it is not justified. As a thank you for their time, they receive Free Mechanic Minutes for use at any GOrilla store.

Are they brand ambassadors / influencers?
No, they’re not. Ambassadors and influencers are paid to advertise brands and products, and promote sales. LOCALS give people the possibility to experience GOrilla bicycles in their natural habitat, and let people ask them as owners about their thoughts about GOrilla products and services. We believe in this model because we are proud of our bikes, and believe that authenticity beats “ambassadors”.

What is Experify?
Experify is changing the way people experience products, pre-purchase. Based in Zurich, Experify helps people interested in products have authentic interactions with owners and brands. Collaborators are brands that are proud of their products and are not afraid of letting their customers speak on their behalf.
The GOrilla x Experify collaboration is a pilot project running until the end of December 2019.
Please note: the Experify Plugin is not supported for iPhones running iOS 12 or older. Please update or access on desktop.