CAPITAL - Nickel - 4gear

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This GOrilla is a speed drive – 4 gear – set up with our deluxe Capital frame set – fillet brazed – made in switzerland! Finished in nickel – also made in switzerland! You will change the gears with your heels! The gears with a range of 325% let you move to every place you want – also fast and high! With the Nitto B2500AA you have the most minimalized handlebar for your urban track! A new feeling of Nitto – Japan – also the NJS ahead stem and more!


Individualize your gear

- Fixed
- Singlespeed
- 2 speed rear hub - free or coaster
- 3 speed rear hub - free or coaster
- 4 Speed drive gear box  & 2 speed rear hub

- 5 speed rear hub freewheel
- Zehus - Hybrid & 2 speed gear box


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Choose your favourite finish

You love the diversity of the RAL-Classic-Colour, to ride your GOrilla with a metal finish like browning, copper, nickel or a unique combination.

Tell us your darling finish in the comments section of the checkout and we contact you for details.

No matter what finish you choose, is MADE IN SWITZERLAND.




- frame: Capital – nickel bath
- rims: GOrilla – Linear
- spokes: DTSwiss – Champion
- front hub: Sturmey Archer
- rear hub: Sturmey Archer S2 – Coaster
- tire: Panaracer Ribmo PT
- stem: Nitto – NJ89 – NJS Keirin
- handlebar: Nitto B2500AA
- handle bar tape: Walnut – sew on
- Headset: Tange ahead
- brake lever: DC – MX -122
- brakebody: Campagnolo Skeleton
- crankset: Haberstock – speed drive
- bottom bracket: incl.
- chain: Izumi Track
- cog: Sturmey Archer
- saddle: Gilles Berthoud – Solour
- seatpost: Gran Compe
- pedal: MKS – GR-9