ZEHUS Electric / Hybrid wheel

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Zehus put motor, batteries, electronics and the innovative 4-sensor system in
one single component. Wireless and (almost) invisible, the system fits in a lightweight and elegant rear bike hub.

BIKE+ is the first and only system for e-bikes that does not need to be recharged- but also possible! Likewise hybrid cars the system can optimize the rider’s energy while riding, reducing the pedalling effort up to 40%. BIKE+ is able to flatten soft-hills thanks to the propietary slope sensor. The cyclist can still with full electric assistance for more than 30 km! There are also any options for gears - brakes and rear clearence - with different dropouts.- It is different with the Standard Bike Version - GOrilla likes the intelligence of the Slope Sensor and the best way of using and giving energy - to bring the best performance for the battery - pack!

Rear clearance: 120 mm – 130 mm + 135 mm + 147 mm
Gear settings: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 7 + 9 and more
Brake settings: Rim brake – Roller brake – Disc brake

GOrilla offers only 36 hole Bike and Bike+ - Rim brake - and rear clearance 120 mm - 130mm directly from the stock - but we can also supply every other model and will support you with the techniques.

Of course there a a lot of different Version for different drop outs. And also a lot of possibilities for every frameset - with different gear possibilities and different wheelsizes.

GOrilla gives you more advise » info@gorillabicycles.com

We offer only the complete BUILD WHEEL . SPOOKED IN LUZERN up with your desired rim - spokes and nopes from DTSwiss.

If you order directly - we assume that you are safe with all thechnical details your bicycle needs!