WALNUT - Leather bar wraps

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Durable in the elements, warm to the touch, and grippier when wet, the natural leather is a performance material with a clean look and outstanding handfeel for bicycle bar wraps.

The Sew-on Bar Wraps come as a kit that you stitch on yourself with prepunched stitching holes, needle, thread, and instructions.

The natural oils in your hands burnish the high-quality American leather into a glossy patina that will last you a lifetime. You get to keep the patina you've earned: you can transfer it from bike to bike, and over the years it will only get more beautiful with use and time.

Long Version: Fits drop bars, pursuit bars, bullhorns, or any other 1” (23.6mm – 26.0mm) diameter bars. Length per each 55cm – shipping 2 * 55cm

Short Version: Fits clamp size 22.2mm diameter bars – incl. the softflex grips. Length per each 14cm – shipping 2 * 14cm incl. softflex grips.