GOrillas – Vision

GOrilla . urban cycling builds frames and complete bikes with innovated setups and comfortable gear drive systems for the urban bicycle rider. Frames in track geometry and innovated long-lived setups built in zurich and italy made GOrilla . urban cycling into one of the cutting-edge bicycle brands. The GOrilla craftsmen reduce the customers’ setups to the minimum for low-maintenance urban cycling. The composition of these parts allows you to ride your bike in the best sitting position with the most comfortable and reduced urban cycling feeling. - GOrillas are planning to cycle in a nearly car - free metropolitan!

GOrilla – Other services

The GOrilla can also advise you when remodeling your old steel frame! And of course he will also help you to build up other bicycle frame sets.
GOrilla helps a 24 hours - 365 days - urban cycling has no season. You can always visit our headquarter!

What’s New

  • GOrilla . urban cycling X Mammut Motorcycles

    GOrilla had the chance to realize a paint job with one of the famous Harley Davidson – tuner – “Mammut” – We decided to represent this summer start – with rain – clouds and sunshine! The technique of the paint job is a film technology of the USA! The rest is done freehand in several layers!

  • SIGNORE – 11 speed – all

    SIGNORE Alfine 11 speed – and all This SIGNORE set up is a next step to the the complete – complete. You will not have a another wish for your citycross track. In this case we produce the Signore without the GOrilla handling tube! But with the hub dynamo – of course – fixed light – 11 gears – rack front + rear – and our GOrilla fenders. The beautiful saddle from Gilles Berthoud has not only a great shape, it is very comfortable! Picked with the Paul canti brake system! Here also all small parts in black chrome! Signore! […]

  • GOrilla – Bicycle – Insurance

    GOrilla – bicycle – insurance Regular home contents insurance often doesn’t cover all bicycles. It certainly doesn’t if you have more than one valuable bike in the house. With GOrilla – to go! Bike Insurance, your GOrilla and more has the best protection! CHF 99.00 – Comprehensive coverage against theft, damage and breakdowns – Also covers Necessary repair costs if the bike is found again within 30 days – Compensation for an equivalent bike, if the original is not found, up to a maximum CHF 8,000 per bike – Lost & Found service with unique identification thanks to an individual […]