GOrillas – Vision

GOrilla . urban cycling builds frames and complete bikes with innovated setups and comfortable gear drive systems for the urban bicycle rider. Frames in track geometry and innovated long-lived setups built in zurich and italy made GOrilla . urban cycling into one of the cutting-edge bicycle brands. The GOrilla craftsmen reduce the customers’ setups to the minimum for low-maintenance urban cycling. The composition of these parts allows you to ride your bike in the best sitting position with the most comfortable and reduced urban cycling feeling. - GOrillas are planning to cycle in a nearly car - free metropolitan!

GOrilla – Other services

The GOrilla can also advise you when remodeling your old steel frame! And of course he will also help you to build up other bicycle frame sets.
GOrilla helps a 24 hours - 365 days - urban cycling has no season. You can always visit our headquarter!

What’s New

  • Lama – 5 gear – Edelweiss

    Lama – 5gear or your individualized gear option One more time the GOrilla did a great Lama set up. Five gears with coaster brake for the urban track! Only the best components from Campagnolo, Nitto, Miche, Taya and MKS. Special is the GOrilla fender on on the rear. Finished with the tape-grip from Walnut sew by hand. Price: CHF 2´301.00 incl. swiss taxes  /////  WE SHIP WORLDWIDE – frame: Lama – Edelweiss blue – fork: Lama – fork – rims: Gipiemme 303S – silver – spokes: DTSwiss Champion silver – hubs: Sturmey Archer SRF5 – rear / Miche Primato – LF […]

  • Hattara – fix – grey – black

    Hattara – fix or your individualized gear option This GOrilla is a fix gear. Be careful – with this bicycle you are not allowed to cycle on your urban track – do not forget the brakes – then you are! The most components are made in Japan! The weight is not more then 8.5 kg! Perfect for your urban track. With the MKS urban plattform pedal you have the best footprint – ad of course pedaling with straps is more effective – push and pull! Think about that if you ride with one or two gears! Price: CHF 2´699.00 incl. […]

  • LAMA – 2gear – copper

    LAMA – 2gear or your individualized gear option This GOrilla is a not finished copper set up! The frameset had a copper bath and will change his patina with each addiational day! With the Nitto B617AA handlebar you will cycle very relaxed. Also you can switch to a race position! The coaster brake can be used in any hand position! Also freehand! Price: CHF 2´299.00 incl. swiss taxes  /////  WE SHIP WORLDWIDE – frame: Lama – copper – not finished – rims: Gipiemme 032S – spokes: DTSwiss – Champion – hubs: Sturmey Archer – tire: Gran Compe SS – stem: […]