GOrilla – bicycle – insurance

Regular home contents insurance often doesn’t cover all bicycles. It certainly doesn’t if you have more than one valuable bike in the house. With GOrilla – to go! Bike Insurance, your GOrilla and more has the best protection!

CHF 99.00

– Comprehensive coverage against theft, damage and breakdowns
– Also covers Necessary repair costs if the bike is found again within 30 days
– Compensation for an equivalent bike, if the original is not found, up to a maximum CHF 8,000 per bike
– Lost & Found service with unique identification thanks to an individual ID for your bike
– Maximum compensation up to CHF 16,000; maximum CHF 8,000 per bike
– Additional transportation costs up to CHF 500 covered in case of breakdown
– Insure your bike for as little as CHF 95/year
– Insure up to six bikes on one policy
– Cover for a whole year – no automatic extension – we will remind you

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