The GOrilla is working hard for all these customized bikes. The process from configuration till cycling with your GOrilla takes 5 days for the GOrilla – Stuff.More insoiration with the optimum set up you can see here! 4 gears with coaster brake! This is minimalized – comfortable urban cycling!






GOrilla did an orange – black – blue Lama set up! Wow the GOrilla himself never was thinking of this composition.. Thanks also to Chris – King! You made it possible with color and quality! Thanks to GOrillas customer who are hard working with him! Do not forget – two gears in the crankset is more comfortable on your urban track!




The GOrilla received post from japan. His partner did a customized Hattara set up. This is what japanese GOrillas like to cycle! They also have their urban tracks! GOrilla says – “Thank you very much for your support and your friendship!” – www.Jah-Life.jp !





Today GOrilla was finishing a long term project! An female – customer wants this Hattara frame in undersize tubes length! Size 48! GOrilla was producing this in italy with his craftsmen! Here you can see the complete two gear coaster -GOrilla . urban cycling- set up! We love it! Our customer also… At the end, and this is the most important thing, everybody is happy in this cycling metropolitan future!




One more time the GOrilla did his optimum Lama set up. Four gears! Two gears in the crankset and two gears in the rear hub! With coaster means you will not need a second brake lever! Summary no cable on the frame! This is the GOrilla . urban cycling optimum comfort! Do you need more? GOrilla says “no”!