Thank you for this Restart 2011!
A lot of Swiss projects in 2012!
– An almost car-free metropolitan in future!



The GOrilla want to inform you that he is working on the year 2012. optimze the bottom bracket shell – New seasonal colors – New Drop out and New frame – Made in Switzerland! It will be a surprise for everyone – also for the GOrilla!



The GOrilla find some picture in his archive 2011. It was an expierience of photografie. As the GOrilla saw this foto in the – “Tribune de Genève” and the “24 Heures” he thought you should also see this! Thank you very much for all  – this help!




The GOrilla did a serial set up. A customer wants to have an own individulized two gear – coaster brake set up for his shop openning. It is in Zürich… on the 3rd of december! Now the GOrilla is doing the last finish. Water Decal with customers branding, saddle, handle bar tape and plugs! It is the Pelikamo riding a GOrilla! Can you imagine?





The GOrilla is proud to present the new -GO- fender! GOrilla and the swiss craftsmen did the development and the practice! They will fit entirely on the GOrilla frames! The Track geometry is not designed for fenders and rack! But you need the fender and the rack for your urban track! GOrilla –  “Do it”! We did a rear and a front fender! Now the GOrilla presents this new GO – component in the middle of november! It will be wet on your urban track!