One more time the GOrilla did his optimum Lama set up. Four gears! Two gears in the crankset and two gears in the rear hub! With coaster means you will not need a second brake lever! Summary no cable on the frame! This is the GOrilla . urban cycling optimum comfort! Do you need more? GOrilla says “no”!




GOrilla got more picture of the partner all around the world! Here you can see a Hattara Complete set Up! GOrilla loves this woody components! He will do his best to place more woody components in our GOrilla . urban cycling hq! Thanks to our friends in Geneva!





GOrilla did the re – seller check! And he was surprised how different the set ups will made on the GOrilla . urban cycling frames! The one is a very classic composition – the other frame is this pop art collection! See picture and do your opinion forming!





Yes Gorilla did understand the job! Better fotos – better quality more feeling and inspiration!



GOrilla likes the components of that french guy called “Gilles Berthoud”! Why? You can have a look to this Lady frame and also to these components!



One of GOrillas “Think Tank” was building up a ZENGANG with a two gear coaster hub and the Schlumpf speed drive! All together four comfortable gears! Finest japanese and italian components! For the GOrilla this is the optimum of comfortable urban cycling!

Here you can see the result: