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GOrilla . urban cycling – Conscious Inheritor of Human Creativity

The ancient Egyptians introduced geometry, the Hittites – an antique Anatolian civilization – spawned the first steel and in the 19th century German baron Karl Drais engineered the archetype of a two – wheeled, human- powered vehicle. These three events on the timeline of history ultimately led to the development of today’s bicycle. Since 2008, the essential knowledge and substance of more than 150 years of cycling tradition, bicycle design and crafting is devotedly being processed and innovatedby GOrilla . urban cycling – a Swiss-based frame company.


Product Concept
GOrilla . urban cycling builds frames and complete bikes with innovated setups and comfortable drive systems for the urban bicycle rider. Frames in track geometry and innovated long-lived setups built in Zurich made GOrilla . urban cycling into one of the cutting-edge bicycle brands. The GOrilla craftsmen reduce the customers’ setups to the minimum for low-maintenance urban cycling. The composition of these parts allows you to ride your bike in the best sitting position with the most comfortable and reduced urban cycling feeling.
GOrilla understands bicycle production as an art and bicycling as a real way of life. In this spirit, the company entrusts leading Italian and Swiss master craftsmen with the manufacturing of its high-end frames and collaborates globally with like-minded brands and individuals.
It is this romantic mélange of Swiss quality standards, venerable Italian craftsmanship and charismatic brand ambassadors which has brought GOrilla . urban cycling high prestige in the urban cycling scene and constitutes a fertile ground for innovation and growth in an environment-conscious post-fossil future.







Gorilla likes the idea of customer customizing their bikes! Customer also do it classics! Wow! Two gear swiss – “Schlumpf Innovation” –  system! Relaxed handlebar! And the best japanese – france components!




GOrilla offers bikes with two – six gears! You also can have them fix or free! This should be enough for . urban cycling!

“ Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use. ”


Charles M. Schulz



Zürich / Headquarter / Shop / Showroom /

Zürich / Pelikamo – (they have one individualized – Set Up)

Winterthur / Purista Bikes

Basel / Obst und Gemüse

Basel / Fixieshop.ch

Genève / Velosophe



Paris / Bicycle Store Paris



Copenhagen / The Fixiest



Columbus, Ohio / Revolcycles



Tokyo / Brotures

Yokohama / Jah – Life




GOrilla is proud to present the first completed shop – foto!

GOrilla . urban cycling