LAMA – 4gear – pearl opalgreen


Happy Easter – we are here for you on saturday – if we want to fit some details for th easter holidays!

Always have a save ride on your urban track!


Capital – with alien fork


Wow – A Capital – with an alien fork! You wanna see the original Capital fork – just wait – the GOrilla is doing of course an individualized clear coating at the moment!


Signore – Lazy- rustprotected


A new set up – Signore – Lazy!

All you need – we do – you GO!

Click – Details!


Hattara – “the special one”!


A new – and special clear coating set up – more details will follow!


Hattara Set Up – Deluxe


The GOrilla calls this set up it “Deluxe”! What else do you want to say? Have a a look for more details – CLICK –